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The Teachings
Hybrid Fighting

Our Strike/Throw/Submit class is taught by a Hybrid Fighting Arts certified instructor, and prepares students to compete in Hybrid Fighting tournaments.

What is Hybrid Fighting?
Hybrid Fighting classes consist of a cardio work-out with drills, bag work, jujitsu technique and fighting matches. Beginners are welcome! No previous martial arts training is needed to participate. Classes and Friday evening inter-school matches are held at various HFA certified schools in the area.

What is Hybrid Fighting Arts ?
Hybrid Fighting Arts is an amateur mixed martial art style designed by Jason DeLucia and Eric Kearns that utilizes the "on your feet" aspects of continuous point fighting with the "on the ground" aspects of judo, jujistu and wrestling. It is designed to enhance the fighting experience of today's martial artists, while upholding the integrity, honor, character and safety of the competitors.

Is it safe?

YES, While no contact sport can guarantee that there will be no injury, Hybrid Fighting Arts does not enlist the "ground and pound" aspects of MMA and is no more dangerous than Judo or Karate. Protective gear is worn, including a face shield. This art was designed with the the understanding that most people, although they may love competition and the fighting experience, do not make their living as professional fighters and cannot afford to be out of work due to fighting related injuries. The training focus is on technical proficiency, not brutality.

Who can participate?
Any person 15yrs or older may participate, those younger may participate with the instructor's permission. There are limitations of technique for younger students for safety purposes. Students do not need to be enrolled in the traditional martial arts program, but karate uniforms will be worn, and school etiquette will be observed.

Will there be competitive events?
YES. martial arts tournaments will be including amateur MMA events that only students from Hybrid Fighting Arts certified schools may participate in. There will also be inter-school competitions and other less formal events. Students may choose what events they wish to compete in, or choose not to compete at all. Contact Hybrid Fighting Headquarters for tournament information.

Hybrid Fighting Association